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Renowned royal expert suggests Prince William is experiencing a tumultuous mix of pride, guilt, and anger in the aftermath of Omid Scobie’s controversial book, “Endgame.” The book, released in November, made headlines with provocative claims about the Royal Family.

In an entire chapter dedicated to Princess Kate, Scobie criticized her workload, coined a harsh nickname, labeled her “cold,” and suggested she was “coachable” for her royal role. Scobie argued that Kate’s workload was comparatively lower, dubbing her “technically a part-time working royal” and implying that her lifestyle is enviable to most parents. The author’s critique extended to Kate’s public speaking abilities and alleged personal views on individuals, including Meghan Markle.

According to royal expert Jennie Bond, Prince William is grappling with guilt and anger after the book’s release, especially since he allegedly failed to fulfill a promise to Kate’s parents to protect and care for her. Bond characterized Scobie’s attacks as vicious, leaving William conflicted as Kate, whom he is “hugely proud” of, faces intense scrutiny merely for falling in love with a future king. Bond highlighted the unique challenges of royal life, emphasizing the necessity of a thick skin.

Bond further commented on Kate’s resilience and effectiveness in her role as Princess of Wales since Queen Elizabeth died in 2022. William reportedly admires how Kate navigates her responsibilities, demonstrating authenticity and strength. Despite the pressure and challenges, Bond asserted that Kate’s long apprenticeship in the royal court, spanning nine or ten years, has proven invaluable in preparing her for the unique demands of royal life.

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