Former butler Grant Harrold, who worked for King Charles for seven years, has unveiled the quirky Christmas tradition of the Royal Family, where even the staff receive unconventional presents. King Charles is known for his penchant for unique gifts, and Harrold shared details about the “bizarre” items the King would leave in the staff’s lockers at Highgrove, his Gloucestershire residence.

In an interview with the Mirror, Harrold disclosed that Charles would discreetly place these eccentric presents in the staff’s pigeon holes at Highgrove. Examples of the unusual gifts included a tin of salmon and a salt and pepper grinder adorned with a ribbon. Harrold mentioned that sometimes Charles would share items from hampers he received, showcasing the fun and practical side of the Royal Family.

Harrold expressed his surprise at receiving these unexpected and amusing gifts, highlighting that they demonstrated the Royals’ lighthearted and playful nature. He also shared that Christmas cards from the royals were eagerly anticipated by the staff, making the holiday season special.

Apart from the whimsical offerings, Harrold noted that the staff also received “proper gifts,” such as tea cups, saucers, whiskey glasses, and even a water jug on one occasion. With King Charles now on the throne, it is likely that the tradition extends to an even larger group of staff members.

In a festive comparison, Harrold mentioned the late Queen’s generosity, revealing that she reportedly bought over 600 presents for her staff and distributed an astonishing 1500 Christmas puddings during the holiday season. The revelation adds a delightful touch to the behind-the-scenes festivities within the Royal Family.

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