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The Royal Family’s Christmas celebration is a unique affair, featuring a decadent banquet with one notable exception – minimal indulgence in alcoholic beverages. King Charles and Queen Camilla are poised to host the festivities, welcoming Prince William, Princess Kate, and their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. According to Mirror

Despite the opulent spread and occasional glasses of wine, the royals, including Princess Kate, King Charles, and Prince William, adhere to a policy of restraint when it comes to alcohol consumption during the celebrations. Grant Harold, a former royal butler and expert in royal etiquette, shared with HELLO! Magazine that he has “hand on heart never seen a member of the royal family drunk.” However, he humorously noted that the same cannot be said for staff members.

Harold, who served Prince Charles from 2004 to 2011, recounted his experience attending the royals’ Christmas parties, describing them as “hysterical good fun.” While the royals maintain a reserved demeanor in regard to Christmas drinking, they do possess an extensive collection of high-quality beverages, including Royal warrant holder brands such as Laurent-Perrier champagne.

During festive meals, the royal tradition involves offering white wines with the starter and red wines with the main course. Additionally, a dessert wine or rose or pink champagne might make an appearance after the main course.

Former royal chef Darren Mcgrady debunked rumors of the late Queen consuming four cocktails a day, clarifying that she favored a gin and Dubonnet. Princess Kate, on the other hand, is reported to enjoy a gin and tonic, with Prince William allegedly bringing her one after putting their three children to bed at night. Despite their access to fine spirits, the royals maintain a graceful and measured approach to holiday celebrations.

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