Trevor Phillips has criticized Rishi Sunak for employing “extreme” language on immigration, following the prime minister’s assertion that the UK is at risk of being “overwhelmed” by foreigners, which could potentially “destroy” British democracy if stringent measures are not taken.

Speaking at a conservative political festival in Rome, where he also lauded Italy’s right-wing prime minister, Georgia Meloni, Sunak’s remarks sparked scrutiny.

On his Sky News program, Phillips questioned Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, asking, “Does Rishi Sunak, son of East African Asians, really believe that immigrants are going to – as he put it yesterday – overwhelm us and destroy our democracy?”

Dowden responded, emphasizing the need to reassure people that the government has control over its borders. He highlighted the unsustainable situation of enriching human smugglers by allowing the trade in human beings across the Channel.

Phillips, however, contested the use of “extreme language,” stating, “This is quite extreme language, isn’t it? If you hear that from your own prime minister and you are of an immigrant background, it’s not nice.”

The exchange followed Sunak’s successful bid for support from MPs for his emergency legislation aimed at enabling the government to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

The prime minister faces considerable pressure from the right wing of his party to reduce the number of people arriving in the UK from abroad, particularly after recent figures revealed a net migration of 750,000 last year, surpassing the Conservative election manifesto’s commitment to bring immigration down below 226,000.

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