During Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer accused Chancellor Rishi Sunak of displaying insensitivity by allegedly laughing at an Iceland worker, Phil, struggling with a substantial mortgage increase. Starmer asserted that everyday working people are bearing the brunt of the economic challenges faced by the UK.

The Labour leader shared Phil’s predicament, stating, “He told me that his mortgage is going up by a staggering £1,000 a month, Prime Minister. He doesn’t want other averages, other people, other stories, that’s what’s happening to him.” Starmer highlighted the resignation of Mid Norfolk Tory MP George Freeman, attributing it to his inability to cope with a drastic mortgage hike from £800 to £2,000.

This revelation raises concerns about the financial strain on even well-compensated individuals, prompting a broader discussion on the challenges faced by average homeowners. Starmer questioned the government’s economic management, pointing out that if a former minister with a substantial income struggles, it amplifies the difficulties faced by ordinary citizens, reported The Independent.

Chancellor Sunak defended the government’s economic measures, attributing lower inflation and tax cuts to its policies. However, Starmer contested this narrative, emphasizing the tangible financial burden on individuals like Phil and criticizing the government’s approval of a potential 5% increase in council tax.

The exchange escalated as Starmer accused Sunak of being out of touch and challenged the trustworthiness of the government’s promises. Sunak countered by labeling Starmer’s approach as the “politics of envy” and questioned the credibility of Labour’s economic plans.

Starmer concluded by expressing disappointment at Sunak allegedly laughing at Phil’s situation, emphasizing the Prime Minister’s lack of understanding regarding the challenges faced by millions of people like Phil. The exchange highlighted the ongoing economic concerns and differing perspectives on policy effectiveness.

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