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Today, Rishi Sunak is set to pledge ‘more money in people’s pockets’ while cautioning against jeopardizing the ‘great progress’ made on key commitments by voting for Labour in the upcoming election. The Prime Minister will embark on a Midlands tour to engage with voters and address their inquiries, coinciding with Labour’s initiation of its New Year election campaign in Bristol.

Sunak’s appearance marks the launch of a series of ‘town hall’ events, aiming to persuade skeptical voters that the government is delivering on its promises. A government source emphasized, ‘The PM will be out talking directly to people about his five priorities and the progress the government has made on driving down inflation, cutting [NHS] waiting lists, and stopping the boats. He will be saying we’ve made great progress, don’t risk throwing that away with the Labour Party.’

While Sunak successfully met his pledge to halve inflation last year and reduced small boat Channel crossings by a third, NHS waiting lists persist at over seven million. Economic growth, another commitment, contracted by 0.3% in October.

Amid calls from senior Tories to further cut taxes to enhance election prospects, Dominic Cummings proposed significant income tax cuts to Sunak. The plan involves almost doubling the threshold for the 40% higher rate of income tax, allowing workers to pay the higher rate only on earnings over £100,000, compared to the current £50,271.

Discussions between Sunak and Cummings took place in December 2022 and July 2023, with the proposal aiming to assist the ‘squeezed middle.’ While National Insurance was recently reduced by 2%, further income tax cuts are under consideration for the Spring Budget on March 6.

Ranil Jayawardena, chairman of the low-tax Conservative Growth Group, supported Cummings’s proposal, stating that it would benefit the ‘squeezed middle’ and align with the government’s commitment to tax relief. Laura Trott, chief secretary to the Treasury, emphasized the government’s ongoing efforts to cut taxes for millions and implement substantial business tax reductions.

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