In the town of Quiroga, Michoacán, Mexico, a 19-year-old identified as Sebastián M has been apprehended on charges of decapitating his 29-year-old sister, Julieta M. The gruesome incident unfolded when police responded to reports of Sebastián M walking along a highway on the town’s outskirts, carrying a human head on Saturday.

Allegedly in an “intoxicated” state, he was arrested near a government welfare office, with authorities seizing a shotgun from him. Subsequently, the remaining body was discovered approximately 250 meters away and has been subjected to forensic examinations.

The state prosecutor’s office, which identified the suspect and victim as siblings, has not commented on the possible motive or whether additional individuals may have been involved. Sebastián M is currently in the custody of the state prosecutor’s office as the investigation unfolds.

Mexico faces alarming rates of murder and femicide, the latter referring to the killing of women where gender plays a pivotal role in their deaths. On average, government figures indicate that 10 women or girls are killed daily in the country by intimate partners or family members.

This ongoing crisis has led to repeated waves of protests, with advocates demanding more comprehensive police investigations, increased prosecutions, and stricter sentencing to address the issue.

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