(Image: Humberside Police)

In a disconcerting legal development, a 73-year-old man hailing from the Grimsby area has confessed to se*xually assaulting a teenage girl. The unsettling revelation unfolded at Grimsby Crown Court, where Michael Naylor received a sentencing of two years and three months for the committed offense.

During the court proceedings, the prosecutor, Craig Lowe, detailed the nature of Naylor’s actions, explaining that he had groped and fondled the teenage victim. Disturbingly, Naylor had explicitly instructed the girl not to disclose the incident to anyone. However, bravely overcoming fear, the girl reported the assault, prompting legal intervention, reported Grimsby Live.

In a poignant victim impact statement, the young girl expressed feeling frightened by Naylor’s “disgusting actions” and now grappled with anxiety about potential surveillance by others.

During the court hearing, Naylor’s defense attorney, Matthew Burdon, conveyed his client’s remorse and issued an apology. Burdon asserted that Naylor recognized the inexcusable harm he had caused, attributing the actions to be out of character and emphasizing Naylor’s existing health conditions.

Despite the defense’s plea, Judge Richard Woolfall condemned Naylor’s acts as driven by “selfish se*xual needs.” The judge handed down a sentence of 27 months of imprisonment and imposed a 10-year se*xual harm prevention order on Naylor.

Post-hearing, Detective Constable Nichola Oakley, who led the investigation, extended gratitude to the courageous victim. She emphasized Humberside Police’s commitment to taking such allegations seriously and dealing with them robustly.

DC Oakley also acknowledged the court’s role in bringing offenders to justice and encouraged anyone else with similar experiences, whether recent or historic, to come forward and report to Humberside Police at 101. The case underscores the significance of prompt reporting and the dedication of law enforcement in addressing crimes of this nature.

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