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After over a decade of Conservative rule, a sense of brokenness pervades the country. Hardworking families find themselves worse off, public services are stretched thin, an alarming 90% of crimes remain unsolved, and a dysfunctional asylum system allows criminal smuggler gangs to exploit border security, endangering lives on small boats.

Despite years of Conservative ministers pledging to address the chaos they created, the situation persists, marked by rhetoric over reality, gimmicks over effective governance, and slogans over solutions. The British public bears the brunt of this political posturing.

With eight Tory Home Secretaries in as many years, chaos has only intensified. Border security is compromised, and criminal smuggler gangs now operate freely along the Channel. Shockingly, convictions for people smuggling have plummeted by 30%, Home Office decisions are in disarray, and the asylum backlog has skyrocketed.

Rishi Sunak’s promise to end asylum hotel use a year ago has instead led to record-high numbers, costing taxpayers a staggering £8 million daily. Basic enforcement has crumbled, with returns of failed asylum seekers down by 50% compared to the last Labour Government.

A glaring example of Conservative failure is the £400 million spent on the failing Rwanda policy, which prioritizes sending Home Secretaries to Rwanda over addressing asylum issues. The new treaty allows an uncapped number of foreign national offenders from Rwanda to enter Britain.

The Labour Party offers a practical plan to strengthen border security, address small boat crossings, and rectify the Tory asylum mess. This includes cracking down on people smugglers, ending asylum hotels, and expediting the removal of those with no right to be in the country.

Labour envisions a Britain with strong border security and a well-controlled asylum system, ensuring help for vulnerable refugees while promptly returning those not entitled to stay. The Tories have delivered costly chaos, but Labour is committed to economic security, national security, and border security.

As the Tories attempt to deflect blame, the reality is clear: after 13 years in power, excuses are no longer acceptable. It’s time to end the Tory chaos, and Britain deserves better.

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