A heartbreaking tale unfolds as a man shares his devastation following the sudden death of his fiancée just four days after their joyous engagement. Craig McKinnon’s life took a devastating turn when Jess Prinsloo, 24, tragically passed away on New Year’s Eve, shortly after accepting his proposal at the God’s Window viewpoint in South Africa during a December 2022 holiday.

Recounting the special moment, Craig, from Salisbury in Wiltshire, expressed the significance of proposing in South Africa, where many of Jess’s family reside. The joyous occasion, marked by tears of happiness and an affirmative ‘yes,’ quickly transformed into a harrowing nightmare.

After celebrating their engagement at the renowned Mpumalanga beauty spot, Craig and Jess headed to her mother’s home in Johannesburg on December 30. Tragically, Jess, who had a severe dairy allergy, inadvertently used the wrong spoon while stirring her tea, triggering a rapid and fatal anaphylactic reaction. Despite carrying two EpiPens, Jess could not be saved, succumbing to the reaction in the hospital the next day.

Craig, 25, who brought Jess’s ashes back to the UK, emphasized that no one is to blame for her untimely passing. The couple had met at university in 2019, moved in together after lockdown in 2021, and shared a deep connection. Craig believes that years of allergic reactions, including previous near misses, may have had a cumulative effect on Jess.

In the wake of Jess’s tragic death, Craig faced substantial medical and coroner bills, totaling nearly £5,000. A GoFundMe campaign initiated by his mother and Jess’s brother, Darren, successfully covered these expenses along with funeral costs in South Africa.

Seeking to raise awareness about the severity of allergies, Craig hopes that their story serves as a cautionary tale. He emphasized that allergies are uncontrollable and can be life-threatening, urging people to recognize the seriousness of the issue. To learn more about allergies, Craig directs individuals to visit Allergy UK at allergyuk.org.

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