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A man, identified as Dharamveer, has been taken into custody following allegations by the police that he beheaded his wife, Sundari, with a sword because she was five minutes late in preparing his morning tea.

The incident occurred in the village of Faljagadh, located near the Indian capital, Delhi. The 52-year-old, a vegetable seller, is accused of brutally attacking his 50-year-old wife, stabbing her 15 times before carrying out the gruesome beheading in their family home.

The motive behind the barbaric assault was reportedly Dharamveer’s irritation when his wife failed to promptly serve his tea after he woke up. An argument ensued, escalating into a deadly confrontation. The couple’s son, known as Soldier, was allegedly stabbed moments later when he rushed to the scene upon hearing his mother’s screams.

According to local media, the attack was triggered by Dharamveer’s impatience with the time it took for his tea to be prepared. Soldier later revealed to Indian media that while his father had previously expressed anger over tea-related matters, he had never resorted to violence against his mother.

Villagers, alerted by the commotion, arrived at the scene to find Sundari lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Law enforcement was called, and Sundari’s body was subsequently taken for autopsy.

Police Superintendent Vivek Yadav confirmed the arrest of the suspect. According to reports, Sundari had begun preparing tea as part of her routine when Dharamveer, waking up a few minutes later, demanded the beverage. The altercation escalated when he grew impatient, kicking utensils in frustration.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Gyan Prakash Rai stated that the dispute over tea culminated in Dharamveer attacking Sundari from behind with a sharp weapon, resulting in her immediate death. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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