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“As Christmas approaches and millions of Brits engage in last-minute panic buying for forgotten gifts, thoughts swiftly turn to the New Year. January’s gloomy weather prompts many to plan their summer getaways, seeking something to look forward to in the coming months.

As the year turns, holiday bookings surge, with popular destinations such as Spain, Portugal, France, and beyond offering a plethora of options and bargains for 2024.

However, amidst the excitement, caution is advised. A recent annual interactive map released by International SOS highlights countries where travelers may encounter various threats, considering factors such as political violence, social unrest, general violence, and the impact of climate change.

Countries are rated based on their perceived level of danger, with the most severe label being ‘extremely.’ Unsurprisingly, nations embroiled in wars, such as Libya, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq, receive the harshest classification.

Additionally, regions experiencing ‘new and evolving conflicts,’ such as Gaza, Lebanon, and Russia, have seen an increased risk level this year.

Beyond war zones, the International SOS notes a rising trend in climate-related alerts, with increasing global temperatures posing health risks worldwide. Consequently, popular holiday destinations like Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Dominican Republic are labeled as having a ‘medium’ level of risk.

As travelers consider their vacation plans for 2024, this information serves as a timely reminder to exercise caution and stay informed about potential risks associated with chosen destinations.”

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