In a delightful encounter last September, TV star Glenn Howerton found himself in the company of Prince Harry during a football match in Los Angeles, and now, he fondly recalls his impressions of the Duke of Sussex.

According to Howerton, Prince Harry exudes a “cool” and “down-to-earth” demeanor, a sentiment he shared with PEOPLE magazine. The “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor reminisced about the occasion, describing Prince Harry as a genuinely nice and normal individual in many aspects, despite his royal status.

“He’s cool, man. A very nice, very down-to-earth, normal dude in a lot of ways. I mean, he’s not a normal dude, but he comes, he presents as a normal dude. I think he wants to be a normal dude,” Howerton expressed.

Sharing the camaraderie on Instagram, Howerton posted a snapshot from the football match featuring himself, fellow “Always Sunny” costar Rob McElhenney (Wrexham FC co-owner), and Prince Harry. The caption conveyed Howerton’s joy at meeting Harry and some of his favorite club owners, Bill and Bob, during the Inter Miami CF and Los Angeles FC match.

“Great seeing Harry and some of my favorite club owners Bill and Bob last night at @lafc v. @intermiamicf. Seeing @leomessi play live: wow,” Howerton wrote.

In a subsequent post at the end of December, McElhenney shared a series of snapshots commemorating his 2023, including another picture of Prince Harry from the football game. The royal, clad in a black shirt and his signature black thread necklace, radiated smiles in the photos.

McElhenney humorously mentioned a slight allergic reaction to nuts in 2023 but expressed gratitude for one of the best years of his life. Looking forward to 2024, he playfully remarked, “I’ll stay away from the nuts.”

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