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Returning to work after Christmas, Brits have been issued a warning about an impending polar vortex that could impact parts of the nation until the new year and possibly extend into January. Despite an unsettled Christmas Day with wind, rain, and snow in some areas, the Met Office provisionally recorded the highest daily minimum temperature for Christmas Day on record. However, experts caution that a polar vortex is poised to bring plummeting temperatures for over two weeks in certain regions.

The Met Office anticipates a “dry interlude” for many on Boxing Day, with sunny spells but colder conditions. Blustery wintry showers are expected in the far north, and the southwest may experience wet and windy weather later. Wednesday is predicted to be generally wet and windy, featuring some snow in the northeast. Thursday and Friday are expected to be brighter and showery, albeit windy, especially in the south, with the possibility of further hill snow in the north.

A yellow warning for ice is in effect in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray, and Highland, raising concerns about untreated roads becoming hazardous. The Met Office warns of the danger, stating that rain, sleet, and snow from Christmas Day may result in ice formation on untreated surfaces. Additionally, there is a risk of wintry showers later in the night contributing to patchy ice.

Further yellow warnings are in place for Wednesday, covering large areas of the country for rain, snow, and wind. There is also the potential for another Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) as a prolonged cold snap arrives in the new year. Forecaster James Madden indicates the likelihood of a major SSW in early January, bringing snow events and severe cold weather to various parts of the UK.

The warmer temperatures on Christmas Eve were notable, with the Met Office reporting that Sunday was provisionally the warmest Christmas Eve since 1997, reaching 15.3C. The warmest Christmas Eve on record remains 1931 when 15.5C was recorded in Aberdeen and Banff in Scotland.

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