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Meghan Markle found herself unintentionally upstaging Queen Elizabeth II on Remembrance Day in 2018, leading to a revealing moment in her Netflix documentary with Prince Harry. The incident unfolded when Meghan, appearing on the front cover of the Sunday Telegraph the day after a major national ceremony, expressed a succinct three-word reaction: “Oh my God.” Prince Harry clarified that Meghan, recognizing the unintended attention, quickly added, “But it’s not my fault.”

Reflecting on the events surrounding Remembrance Day and an earlier trip to Australia, Prince Harry explained that these occurrences played a part in the strain on their relationship with the Royal Family. He highlighted the challenge when someone marrying into the family becomes a focal point, outshining established members. Harry noted the pressure to be in the media spotlight for charities and reputation-building.

The night before discovering the newspaper front page, the couple spent time in Buckingham Palace after a family event, including Queen Elizabeth II. Since relocating to Montecito, California, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced various challenges with senior royals, including the release of two major biographies in 2023.

Royal expert Russell Myers, the Mirror’s Royal Editor, predicts that Prince Harry will endure consequences from his memoir “Spare,” which he believes has negatively impacted Harry’s reputation within the Royal Family. Myers suggests that the repercussions of the book’s revelations about family dynamics may continue to influence Harry’s relationship with his father and brother.

While Meghan Markle has been subject to speculation about the possibility of writing her autobiography, PR expert Lynn Carratt advises that there may be a more suitable time in the future, emphasizing the current need for careful consideration.

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