Credit: Liverpool Echo

Violence Erupts as Crowds Target Asylum Seeker Hotel with Rocks and Fireworks, Eight Accused of Violent Disorder on Trial

In a Liverpool Crown Court trial, it was revealed that a hotel housing asylum seekers in Knowsley, Merseyside, became the center of violent unrest as crowds hurled rocks and fireworks at police, chanting “Get them out.” The incident unfolded on February 10 last year outside the Suites Hotel, triggered by information about the English Defence League planning to attend.

Detective Constable David Williams informed the jury that tensions escalated when right-wing and left-wing groups gathered at the hotel, temporary accommodation for asylum seekers. Around 7 pm, a large group arrived on foot, resulting in injuries to three police officers due to projectiles such as rocks and fireworks.

The court heard one defendant warning, “They better not leave that place in the next few days because they’ll be dead.” An estimated £83,000 worth of damage occurred, with a police carrier set ablaze and other vehicles smashed.

Ill feelings were exacerbated by a video suggesting an asylum seeker’s inappropriate interaction with a 15-year-old, though no crime was found. While all eight defendants admitted presence during the protest, they denied charges of violent disorder.

Prosecutors detailed instances of threatening conduct, such as pointing toward the hotel, shouting inflammatory remarks, lighting fireworks, and waving a dog toward officers. The trial continues, emphasizing the alleged role of each defendant in the violent incident.

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