Prince William and Kate Middleton remain steadfast in their decision not to entertain the idea of reconciling with Prince Harry, despite signs of improving relations between the Duke of Sussex and King Charles. A recent statement from a source to the Daily Mail suggested that Prince Harry would be willing to embrace a reunion with his estranged brother during his visit to London to support the ailing King Charles.

However, a friend closely connected to the royal brothers dismissed any hopes of reconciliation in a conversation with the Daily Beast, labeling the prospect as a “total fantasy.” According to this insider, the Waleses have deeply ingrained trust issues with Prince Harry, stemming from his consistent actions of betrayal.

Prince Harry swiftly boarded an overnight flight to his home country after receiving personal notification from the 75-year-old monarch about his cancer diagnosis. The health revelation came to light during the Duke of Sussex’s corrective surgery for an enlarged prostate last month. Upon arrival, Prince Harry was escorted to Clarence House for a brief meeting with his father before spending the night at a hotel.

Despite the shocking news about their father’s health, the insider revealed that Prince William is not inclined to meet up with Harry and engage in a public display of reconciliation. The source emphasized that the relationship between the two brothers is virtually “non-existent,” exacerbated by Harry’s allegations against the Princess of Wales in his book, “Spare.”

Dismissing any optimistic portrayals in the media, the insider asserted, “If the papers want to write that they are going to be having pints together and a heart-to-heart, they will, but in reality, the idea that William and Kate are ever, ever going to let Harry back into their lives or trust him with any personal information ever again is a total fantasy.”

The friend elucidated the extent of the damaged relationship, emphasizing William‘s deep anger towards Harry for what is perceived as a betrayal for financial gain. The betrayal, as articulated by the insider, goes beyond a mere falling out between two individuals; it encompasses a breach of trust against the monarchy, making it impossible for Prince Harry to be welcomed back into the fold.

In conclusion, the friend underscored the severity of the rupture in the relationship, asserting, “This isn’t just two guys falling out. The point is, that Harry betrayed the monarchy. He can’t be trusted, he is out.” The resounding sentiment is that the breach is irreparable, marking a definitive separation between the brothers and underlining the complexity of the situation.

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