Prince William green with envy as Prince Harry returns to UK

Reports suggest that Prince William may be grappling with feelings of envy towards his estranged brother, Prince Harry, particularly in light of Harry’s perceived newfound success and liberty post-Megxit. Sources close to the royal family have hinted at a sense of jealousy felt by the Duke of Cambridge towards his sibling’s recent achievements and the perceived freedom he now enjoys.

The Duke of Sussex’s involvement with initiatives like the Invictus Games, which aim to support wounded veterans through sporting events, has garnered significant attention and admiration. Harry’s dedication to such charitable endeavors, coupled with his apparent liberation from the constraints of royal duties following his departure from official royal life, has reportedly left William feeling somewhat envious.

In an exclusive conversation with Us Weekly, an insider familiar with the dynamics between the royal brothers provided insight into William’s sentiments. According to the source, William is purportedly experiencing a twinge of envy towards Harry’s lifestyle, characterized by greater autonomy and a broader scope for personal and professional pursuits.

Agreeing with the insider, a royal historian and author, Ed Owens, stated that William is, in fact, a little jealous of his brother, who “has done remarkable things.”He mentioned the Invictus Games which “now has international presences, and I think that international stage is something both brothers are clearly vying for.”

“That international limelight really sets Harry’s work apart from other members of the royal family,” Owens added. Previously, British journalist Robert Jobson also shared his take on the matter, saying, “I think there was a degree of jealousy about how well it had gone.”

“I do think that William was surprised how much this had been such a success and how much money was being thrown into it and how many governments were getting involved,” Jobson added in the ABC News special Prince Harry’s Mission: Life, Family, and Invictus Games.

The contrast between the two princes’ trajectories since Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped back from their roles as senior royals in what became known as “Megxit,” appears to underline William’s purported feelings of jealousy. While Harry has ventured into new ventures, including media projects and philanthropic initiatives, William has remained largely bound by the responsibilities inherent in his position as second in line to the throne.

The source’s revelations shed light on the complexities of the relationship between the royal siblings, suggesting that alongside the deep bond they share as brothers, there may also be elements of competition and comparison. William, as the future King of England, has long been groomed for the weighty responsibilities that come with his royal status, whereas Harry’s departure from the royal fold has seemingly afforded him a degree of freedom to chart his own course.

It is within this context that William’s reported envy towards Harry’s newfound freedoms and accomplishments must be understood. While both princes have undoubtedly faced their share of challenges and expectations within the royal family, their paths diverged significantly following Harry’s decision to step back from royal duties, leading to a perceived divergence in their respective lifestyles and opportunities.

As the royal brothers navigate the complexities of their relationship in the public eye, these reports offer a glimpse into the nuanced emotions that underpin their dynamic. From camaraderie to rivalry, the bond between William and Harry appears to encompass a spectrum of emotions, reflecting the complexities inherent in their roles as members of one of the world’s most scrutinized families.

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