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Prince William is demonstrating unwavering commitment to shielding his wife, Princess Kate, as she undergoes recovery following a successful abdominal surgery in a private London clinic. Royal author Robert Hardman, in a conversation with Fox News Digital, highlighted the Duke of Cambridge’s dedication to striking a balance between family life and royal duties.

According to Hardman, Prince William shares a commonality with his younger brother, Prince Harry, in being protective of their respective wives. He emphasized that both princes feel a responsibility for the attention, stress, and challenges their wives face due to their royal roles.

“I think from the start, he’s been protective of her. It’s the same way that [his younger brother] Prince Harry is so protective of Meghan Markle,” noted Hardman.

The biographer delved into the brothers’ sense of responsibility, acknowledging that they recognized the added attention and scrutiny brought upon their wives. Prince William’s protective stance extends beyond geographical boundaries, considering the ongoing criticisms and accusations directed at Kate from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since their departure from the royal family.

In addition to navigating external pressures, Princess Kate has faced backlash for what some perceive as a lower frequency of public engagements compared to other members of the extended royal family. Hardman shed light on William’s firm commitment to family security and privacy, emphasizing that it informs every aspect of his actions.

“Right from the start, William has been adamant about family security, and family privacy. It informs [everything he does],” explained Hardman. The Duke’s dedication to shielding his wife reflects a broader commitment to upholding the well-being and privacy of his family amidst the demands and challenges of royal life.

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