Buathip Kendray, a 49-year-old mother-of-two from Suffolk, went to her ex-boyfriend Steven Woods’ house armed with “martial arts sticks” in a fit of rage upon learning about his new relationship. She vandalized his car, threw planks of wood, and smashed through the front room window in a destructive spree. Woods and his new girlfriend barricaded themselves in the bedroom and called the police.

At Liverpool Crown Court, prosecutor Derek Jones described Kendray’s violent actions on August 6 of the previous year, including damaging the car, throwing items at the bedroom window, and breaking a ground-floor window to the lounge. Kendray attempted to break into the bedroom using martial arts sticks.

Police bodycam footage captured the aftermath, showing broken windows and damage to the bedroom door. Kendray later admitted to charges of criminal damage and affray.

Martine Snowden, defending Kendray, highlighted her lack of previous convictions and noted that she believed the property was still hers due to her recent cohabitation. She had become homeless after the falling out with Woods, who had changed the locks.

Judge John Benson, while acknowledging Kendray’s remorse, condemned her “persistent and determined course of violent conduct.” Despite her age and lack of prior criminal history, Kendray was sentenced to an 18-month community order, including rehabilitation and unpaid work. She also received a restraining order preventing her from approaching Woods or his new girlfriend.

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