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Leah Williams, a woman with a severe nut allergy, found herself spending nearly £150, several times the cost of her £50 flight from Dusseldorf to London, to purchase all 48 bags of peanuts on board. She had reportedly requested the crew to refrain from serving peanuts to avoid cross-contamination, but her request was allegedly denied.

Fearing for her safety due to potential cross-contamination if peanuts were given to other passengers, Williams decided to buy all the peanut packets on the flight. Each packet cost £3, leaving her significantly out of pocket.

According to Williams, when she asked the crew to avoid serving peanuts, they looked at her “blankly” and suggested counting all the packets before she decided to buy them all. She criticized Eurowings, the airline, for its handling of the situation and the way it made her feel.

Eurowings responded with a statement expressing regret for any inconvenience caused to Williams. The airline clarified that she was not forced to buy all the peanut packages and that the crew had offered an alternative solution by informing passengers around her about her allergy.

The airline explained the challenges of ensuring a peanut-free environment on its flights, given the various causes of allergies and intolerances. While Eurowings cannot guarantee the absence of potential allergens, it mentioned that the onboard filtration system, using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, could help reduce some allergens. The statement also highlighted the preparedness of cabin crew for medical emergencies related to allergies.

Eurowings recommended that passengers with allergies carry necessary medication, such as allergy medication and an EpiPen, in their hand baggage. Despite the explanation, Williams remains dissatisfied, calling for a refund and expressing her disappointment with Eurowings’ handling of the situation.

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