(Image: West Yorkshire Police)

A Yorkshire individual, known as Kaye Little or Kia Little, residing in Boosbeck, Cleveland, has been sentenced to jail for preying upon and exploiting the vulnerability of children. Little, 46, faced charges including se*xual activity with a child, malicious communications, and possession/distribution of indecent images of children.

The offenses occurred between 2015 and 2019, with two male child victims from Leeds being contacted by Little over the internet while she was living in Cleveland. Leeds Children Vulnerable to Exploitation Team officers identified Little as a suspect for malicious communication in 2019, leading to further investigations.

West Yorkshire Police officers discovered her involvement in se*xual offenses against the two identified males. Little was arrested in 2019 and charged in April 2022. Following a trial in August of the same year, she was found guilty by a jury on 13 offenses, reported Yorkshire Live.

Today, Little was sentenced to six years for the mentioned offenses, with an additional three years due to the perceived danger she poses. Concurrently, she received a nine-month sentence for an offense against an adult male in Cleveland, investigated by a separate force.

Detective Constable Khi Smith, formerly of the Leeds Children Vulnerable to Exploitation Team, led the investigation and expressed satisfaction with the sentence. Acknowledging the victims’ bravery in coming forward and their resilience throughout the lengthy criminal justice process, Smith commended their courage and dignity.

Smith emphasized that Little’s actions targeted and exploited the vulnerability of the children, serving as a reminder that such offenses would not be tolerated. Encouraging others who may have experienced similar offenses to come forward, Smith assured that they will be listened to, taken seriously, and supported by specially trained officers. Victims will also be referred to additional help and support if needed, and every effort will be made to secure justice for them.

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