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Tragedy struck as a 20-year-old woman, Morgan Ribeiro, lost her life after undergoing weight-loss surgery in Turkey, following years of enduring weight-related bullying. In a poignant TikTok post just days before the surgery, Morgan shared, ‘My last post before weight loss surgery – see you on the other side!’

Morgan and her 19-year-old boyfriend, James Brewster, embarked on a journey to Turkey earlier this month for a £2,500 gastric sleeve surgery, seeking to bypass the lengthy waiting lists of the NHS. Although she received clearance to fly back home after the procedure on January 5, a harrowing turn of events unfolded during the flight. Morgan fell critically ill, plunging into septic shock.

The plane made an emergency landing in Serbia, where doctors made a grim discovery—Morgan’s small intestine had been inadvertently cut during the surgery, leading to a lethal infection that claimed her life, told Metro.

In the aftermath of this devastating loss, Morgan’s mother, Erin Gibson, aged 44, is currently raising funds amounting to £10,000 to repatriate her daughter’s body. In a heartfelt warning to others contemplating similar procedures, Ms. Gibson shared her concerns, recounting Morgan’s history of weight-related bullying and the challenges she faced.

Expressing her distress, Ms. Gibson stated, ‘I had that sinking feeling because I’d heard horror stories about Turkey. I never want this to happen to another daughter. I don’t want her life to be in vain.’ Adding another layer to the tragedy, Morgan’s boyfriend, James, claimed that they were not adequately informed about the potential dangers associated with the surgery.

The gravity of the situation prompted a response from a government spokesman, who affirmed support for the grieving family. The spokesperson emphasized the importance of reviewing travel advice and relevant guidance from the NHS and other professional bodies for anyone considering medical procedures abroad.

This unfortunate incident echoes a disturbing trend, as earlier this month, a 26-year-old British woman and mother of three, Demi Agoglia, also lost her life after undergoing cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Demi experienced chest pains days after a Brazilian butt-lift operation and tragically passed away on the day she was scheduled to return home to Salford, Greater Manchester, highlighting the potential risks associated with medical procedures performed abroad.

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